NC Innovations Waiver Services

I. Community Living and Supports

Community Living and Supports will provide support for successful living with family and/or other natural supports in a private home and support the person in community activities with family and/or friends. This service is individualized based on individual's needs. It should be flexible to adapt to the individual's changing schedule and naturally occurring to match the person's typical day.

II. Community Networking

Community Networking services provide individualized day activities that support the participant's definition of a meaningful day in an integrated community setting, with persons who are not disabled.


III.   Supported Living

Supported Living will provide support for successful living in unlicensed residences owned or leased/rented by the individual participating in the NC Innovations Waiver


IV.   Respite and B3 Respite

Respite: Respite services provide periodic support and relief to the primary caregiver(s) from the responsibility and stress of caring for the participant. This service enables the primary caregiver to meet or participate in planned or emergency events, and to have planned time for him/her and/or family members.

* B3 Respite is a non-Innovations funded service. It is typically for those on the waiting list for the Innovations Waiver.


V.   Supported Employment (Individual)

Supported Employment Services provide assistance with choosing, acquiring, and maintaining a job for participants ages 16 and older for whom competitive employment has not been achieved and /or has been interrupted or intermittent.

Please note the descriptions/guidelines provided are not inclusive and further information may be found in the NC Innovations Technical Guide.

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